"The Elder Son" (detail) 2015

Mixing formal layouts and compositions with organic, fluid, and intuitive processes is how I work best. In terms of scale, whether small or large, the intimacy of getting close to the piece is what matters to me and I want the viewer to experience tangibility as well: to get close, to see the piece not only for its content but also its craftsmanship. I want to engage the viewer in a kind of intimacy that the thread and sewing of forms together evokes. The use of mixed media allows me the opportunity to work openly, without barriers. To use found images and mix them with inexpensive materials enables me to worry less about wasting or messing up resources and to think more about the developmental work as a whole.

Social content plays a major role in my work. Every which way I look, there is something or someone there to show me exactly what I want to be and how to become the one unique person that I am. How do other women become their own unique person and what happens when this process goes wrong? What happens when these influences, these images are taken out of context, misconstrued, or do not get delivered accurately because of contrasting or conflicting meanings? This is where the heart of my work lies, examining what happens when this constant search for oneself goes south and shit hits the fan.

This investigation into the nature of identity has led me to have an extreme obsession with images of the sordid, gross and disturbing kind, particularly in images of women. These visions come to me as fleeting moments of shock when harvesting through magazines or stumbling upon them on the internet. Fleeting moments that feel voyeuristic to me, like I am doing something wrong in looking at them, but can never look away. Instead I search more obsessively for my subjects. My aim in creating a piece after the main subject is found is to then spend countless hours combining these source images into something higher. Something more powerful. The idea of presenting them as iconic always motivates and inspires me. By enveloping whole environments around these powerful images, I want to give them a sense of self. A sense of identity.

With my work, I have cultivated a concept and a vision of what it means to have an identity. That is to say, what in my past and present life makes me who I am? What makes others who they are? How do these two ideas play off of one another and effect each other? These are the questions I continuously ask myself as I dive deeper and deeper into myself and my art.